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The occupation of chimney sweep is considered to be one of
the oldest in the world, as chimneys have been around since
ancient times, though it is only in the last two hundred years
that the chimney has grown large enough to hold a man, giving
rise to the image of the chimney sweep as it developed in the
time of the Industrial Revolution. In the fifteenth and sixteenth
centuries in Western Europe, construction of rooflines with
gables became common to allow chimney sweeps convenient
access to the chimney top.
Chimney sweep in the 1800s
The Chimney Man 8446 Pritchard Ave. Lisbon, Ohio 44432 330-429-5147 in Canfield, Ohio or 330-429-5147 in Lisbon, Ohio. We
sevice Youngstown, Boardman, Austintown, Poland, Canfield, Struthers, North Lima, Girard, Columbiana, Salem, Lisbon,
Leetonia, Ohio and more.
I have been a chimney sweep for over 18 years. We have the knowledge to sweep your chimney, and look for problems with the
system. We can fix all problems with a chimney. We install fireplace inserts and wood stoves as well. Average cost for a chimney
sweep is between
$130 for an open fireplace both wood or gas, gas or oil furnace, free standing wood stoves, and lined
fireplace inserts. The price for unlined fireplace inserts is
$230. A fire place insert is a wood stove placed inside a
fireplace.+$10 for all stops after 3:00 pm on weekdays and all Saturday stops. No stops on Sundays. All Prices May Vary.
pace and the occupation of chimney sweep became much respected and
sought-after, although it is sometimes derided in verse, ballad and pantomime.
Today, chimney sweeps still maintain a thriving new industry in many parts of the
world. The industry has expanded from the maintenance of wood-burning fireplace
and appliance venting systems to include venting for many types of heating
appliances. Venting systems for Heating Oil, natural gas, wood and pellet burning
appliances, including building furnaces and space heaters are maintained by
modern chimney sweeps. The standard chimney brush is still used, along with more
modern tools (such as vacuums, cameras and special chimney cleaning tools),
although most sweeps are done from the bottom of the chimney, rather than the top,
to prevent the dispersion of dust and debris.